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October 05, 2004

Commercial and Fine Art Mixed Effectively and Spiced With Humor

Catching up with some recent links:

* Jenny Lynn is a photographer with an unusually accomplished sense of design and an ability to mix her commercial work with personal projects and mixed media to create abstractions with purpose, resonance, and frequently, a sense of humor. Her website is loaded with interesting and peculiar creations, including milk chocolate bar wrappers, the Eyewatch, and what she calls PhotoTotems.

Among her more photographic fine art projects, I'm very drawn to Personal Myths, her superb SX-70 work, her mixed media Extrapolations (combining photographs and photograms), and Soliloquy.


Jenny Lynn SX-70 image

* Robert Fullerton-Batten was kind enough to send me a note regarding my raves about his daughter, Julia Fullerton-Batten, and point me to this interesting interview with her. He also points out that she's not technically German, but has dual nationality with a British passport (and father!).

One of the more interesting things to come out of the interview was a citing of her major influences, notably Lars Tjunbork, who does as good a job as any photographer of making something interesting and moving out of the most mundane scenarios. Check out his excellent "A Country Besides Itself", and this article and interview about the series.

Also check out this small but entertaining portfolio of office spaces, and a few images from Oman.


Lars Tjunbork image, from Oman series

* The latest issue of PDN is focused on travel photography, which I didn't have high expectations for. But there are some very nice features and beautiful reproductions of photography, most notably from geologist Bernhard Edmaier, who takes stunning aerial photographs from a variety of perspectives. There is a website that does a rather good job of showing excerpts of his work worth looking at, though understandably the images, as well presented as they are, pale in comparison to a good magazine reproduction or print.

Also profiled in PDN is Pat and Rosemarie Keough's Antarctica series and the resulting $2900(!) book, a real labor of love. The website devoted to the project is informative and well structured, though the image presentation on the whole looks flatter on the screen than Erdmaier's web work, even though there are some stunning images worth looking at.

I have a somewhat limited tolerance for context-free, National Geographic styled eye candy involving the wonders of the world, but the work that these photographers have done seems more obsessively inspired than the typical work coming from their genres, so a look at the magazine on the newstands is well worth it.


Erdmaier image detail, from 2700 ft aerial view of California

* PDN's October issue also recognizes a variety of commercial photographers whose websites and other promotional activity are distinctive in the industry. I liked William Moree's self-designed personal and commercial websites -- even though the "America" portfolios are extremely worn photographic terrain, Moree (mostly) sidesteps the cliches and makes very nice use of the rectangular image in his most memorable compositions...most contemporary photographers tend to use the square these days with the theme and subject matter. For a comparision, check out David Bowman's work from the American heartland (also featured in PDN).

And last but not least, German photographer Claudia Goetzelmann is undeniably commercial but there's a spirit and sense of humor in her work that I do like a lot. My only request is: more laundromat images please! Check out the projects Around Town (selective focus architectural portraits), 10am, Laundromat, A Deal Gone Sour, and the bizarre Tree Man.


Claudia Goetzelmann image

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