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September 21, 2004

Photographer Updates, and Two More Unique Perspectives

Some updates on photographers I've discussed in the past whose online presence has been updated thanks to current or recent exhibitions, or where additional information has popped up...plus two more peculiar and interesting photographers:

* Alessandra Sanguinetti was a real find for me when I talked about her a few months ago, and it seems she was popular with at least a few visitors here, based on emails and other website links I noticed. She's not terribly well-known, even though she's with one of the better New York galleries for contemporary photography, but it looks like she may be gaining more visibility with a new exhibition at Yossi Milo. The Yossi Milo site has some images I hadn't seen before, and of course if you haven't checked her out, you should...playful, colorful, dreamlike settings of two striking girls growing up, and it never gets too sentimental or weighted with false drama.

The Village Voice recommends her show as well and has a short but informative plug worth reading.

* Greg Miller's romantic and interestingly staged photographs of Italians got a recent write-up and feature at Digital Journalist that I missed until now...when I first wrote about Miller, I speculated that he was using a large format camera, but I figured it was 4x5. Now I find out he's been using an 8x10 Deardorff, and he loves it mightily, based on a few rambling and highly entertaining video clips (available on the front page of the feature). As I've been shooting 8x10 myself for the last five or so months, I couldn't help but be entertained by his descriptions about the burdens and pleasures of using the Deardorff...my favorite part is when Miller confessed to even taking the 8x10 on his honeymoon.

It's nice to see a site like the Digital Journalist have an open mind to work like Miller's...photojournalists can get rather self-righteous about staging in photographs, but the article on Miller recognizes the artifice in Miller's work (8x10s don't exactly have the ability to capture the decisive moment) but nevertheless acknowledges its charm and beauty. In my original post, I liked the work a lot myself but had some reservations; with the additional context provided by the interviews and article, and the chance to look at even bigger images, I've really warmed up to it.


Miller's camera and subjects

* Machiel Botman mixes words with moody black and white photographs to create mini-dramas laced with mystery, abstraction and (according to his profile) small bits of autobiographical detail. He has several portraits online that use the gradual accumulation of words to fill out profiles of his subjects; he also has stand-alone images at the Glitterman Gallery, the best of which use blur and abstraction creatively (though not ostentatiously).


"Marika" Machiel Botman portrait with words

* Croatian photographer Mario Lalich's work is more commercial, crowd-pleasing, and occasionally more garish and vulgar than any of the other artists mentioned here, but he's also got a very interestingly skewed perspective in the best of his highly graphic and surreal color images.


Mario Lalich image

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