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September 13, 2004

Imaginative Figure Studies, Color, and Controversy at National Geographic

Apologies for the sudden hiatus, but as they often say, stuff happens. Start of a school year, getting back to work, preparing photographs for final presentations in photography class and for open studios (35mm images, digital images, 8x10, you name it), planning for shooting upcoming events, just a lot going on. There's still a lot worth passing on and occasionally rambling about...I just have a lot less time to do it these days. So quickly:

* An imaginative and mysterious take on nudes and the human figure generally: Japanese photographer Kiriko Shirobayashi, with her portfolio, Sublimation. Her website also has other interesting projects worth checking out.


Kiriko Shirobayashi image, from Sublimation series

* One more imaginative, impressionistic portfolio involving the figure, which is really more about color and form, comes courtesy of Tapp Francke. Actually, Francke seems to really love color, based on her lieonize portfolio, filled with images that explicitly evoke color field paintings.


"The Dim Tangled Roots of Things" Tapp Francke image

* Just caught up with the latest issue of Cozytone, a web-based publication of cool and playful illustration and photography from various young artists, edited by Ryan Boudoin and Amy Shutt (who I've mentioned here before). Some of it might be a bit cryptic or navel-gazing, but it's a very nice effort overall with a lot of talent on display. I especially liked Gina Clyne's garage sale images (more on her website) and Sara Padgett's work (also mentioned here previously) among the numerous portfolios on display.


Sara Padgett image

* I somehow missed this when it came out: National Geographic is working through a Jayson Blair-type controversy with misleading photographs published in its July 2004 issue about the Barabaig people in Tanzania. Interesting reading.

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Here's another mbarrassment for National Geo, if you haven't seen it already - http://www.naturephoto.hu/natgeo_english/index.html

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