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August 25, 2004

William Eggleston's Website

This deserves its own post: William Eggleston's website has just launched. Thanks to Christian Patterson of the Eggleston Trust for clueing me in, and this certainly goes to the head of the links in my recent collection of links on Eggleston posted earlier this month. In fact, this is like Christmas in August -- high quality images on the web (finally!) with reasonable color fidelity, from published monographs and never before seen portfolios, plus news of upcoming releases of photographic and video work, and loads of interesting articles.

Not all the articles can be linked to directly on the site (presumably for copyright reasons), but it's worth starting on the articles page by reading a very long and well-written, extended profile of Eggleston by Tim Sampson (in 1994) for Memphis magazine, a profile that looks at the man and the Memphis native as much as the photographer. There are a lot of "wild man" anecdotes in the story that will provide plenty of smiles, but I liked this small story about Eggleston's photographing as much as anything:

"[Eggleston] produces and shows me a large briefcase filled with about 20 cameras, most of them Leicas. They are uniformly lined up in the case like stacks of money in a spy movie. He has, in fact, been out in the morning fog shooting with a Leica – a “few sticks in the ground” he says with a quiet chuckle, and some bleach bottles at a grocery store “somewhere over there”, he says, motioning in the direction of Summer Avenue. He hasn’t noticed the thick fog at all, but thinks the bleach bottles and the sticks are going to make wonderful photographs."

Kudos to the Eggleston Trust for putting together a resource this good (and that will no doubt get better as it evolves)...if only other major photographers could be represented similarly online this way. Be sure to wander around the website and look at all the images from various monographs, portfolios and publications, and be prepared to kill some time.


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