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August 08, 2004

Summer Vacation, and Stunning PhotoJournalism from Ukraine

I'll be off on summer vacation and won't be near a computer for 7 to 10 days. Enjoy the other worthwhile photoblogs and notable sites in the meantime, and though I suppose I should be sharing a more lighthearted, summery link as a send off, the work of 25 year old photojournalist Joseph Sywenkyj just happened to get me on the way out...haunting, artful photographic meditations addressing the ravages of Chernobyl and the many impacts on his homeland of Ukraine. It's no small feat for someone so young to use the tools of photography (in particular, a beautifully subdued, moody color palette), as well as a subtle sense of storytelling, and an incredible empathy, to get us to look at and absorb such difficult subject matter.

Sywenkyj's website is the best place to go for a comprehensive look at his many projects, but there's a well put together photoessay, The Forgotten Ukrainians, that can be seen at the Digital Journalist site as well.


Maria and Ira, Joseph Sywenkyj image

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