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August 25, 2004

B&W Blues, Updates, and Two Quirky Portrait Photographers

* Say It Isn't So: Ilford goes into receivership, and faces closure. For many of the digital shooters, this will hardly register, but Ilford makes black and white films and papers that are standards in the industry -- at my photography school, the film they have everyone start with is Ilford's HP5, and the fiber and RC papers are standards as well. I can't even imagine doing photography in the future without some access to Ilford standards like HP5, Delta 400, and Delta 3200. Hope a buyer comes along, or the situation stabilizes so that the products remain available the way Polaroid products do (despite the equally sorry state of that company).

UPDATE: Yet another article from the Financial Times here.

* I first saw Michael Garlington's portraits in Black and White Magazine over a year ago, and found them intriguing. (More images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7). I really like his original way with a portrait, and some of the more surrealistic stuff (almost all in black and white, though here's a color image). Not a lot of information about him that I could dig up, other than this cryptic blurb.


"The Fishmonger's Daughter" Michael Garlington image

* Quirky, unsettling portraits of a more digital nature, from Andrzej Dragan, also known as Czarny Kwadrat. Almost the obverse of Garlington, where smooth, muted color (or tinting) and a more peculiar sense of gravity from the subjects implicit in their faces (rather than Garlington's grungy B&W and his peculiar sense of absurdity) anchor the images and make them resonate.

His website is very good, but I actually prefer to view his images all on one page in a portfolio, like in his photo.net gallery or his feature on webesteem. Viewing the individual images in very large sizes, one by one on his website, tends to play up the digital manipulation a little too heavily for me, though some may eat it up. Details of his manipulation techniques can be found here.


Czarny Kwadrat image

* Ansen Seale, whose chronoscope photographs I mentioned on this blog back in April, has new work of dancers now up on his website. Very worth a visit, especially if you haven't seen his work before .

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agfa sold off it's black and white division this week.

Posted by: james at Aug 25, 2004 1:33:08 PM

Thanks for the heads up on that, James...I wasn't aware of the sale of the imaging division. Without knowing a lot about the particulars, that sale looks like it could actually be a positive in terms of Agfa's products getting attention...the Ilford situation looks grimmer.

Posted by: Robert at Aug 25, 2004 2:59:18 PM

Yep, I was very sad to see the news. Ilford makes many of my favorite products...

On a different note:

It's funny - I had three separate discussions about Czarny Kwadrat's Photoshop work this week alone - and here is a post!

I really love Michael Garlington's work. You chose one of my absolute favorites images to post inline. It seems he's trying to be humourous and surreal at the same time.

Posted by: john at Aug 25, 2004 9:32:53 PM