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July 07, 2004

Links, Corrections, Tintypes, and Well-Toned Personal Visions

Thanks to all the site visitors who have commented insightfully here on the blog, or sent me email, or linked to this site...you've made the first six months of blogging very rewarding.  As the summer gets into full swing, I will be traveling more, and am going to be heavily involved with a couple of projects...which means I'll be posting infrequently the next couple of weeks. 

Let me get caught up with a few items while I still have time:

* Photographic blogs that I've added recently on my sidebar links:  Gallery Hopper and Expose.  Expose is another fine blog exploring various artists and philosophical directions in photography.  In the case of Gallery Hopper, in some of my posts, I talk about galleries that have a particular outlook on photography that I happen to like, and that have a good online presence...and as it turns out, most of them happen to be in New York, not because they have all the great galleries, but because they seem to have galleries that are a bit more sophisticated about online presentation.  Todd at Gallery Hopper actually lives in NY and checks out several of the better galleries and exhibitions in person, so his site is the one to check out for more authoritative details about particular exhibitions.

* In my recent post about the photographers featured in the "Six From the Seventies" exhibition at the Howard Greenberg Gallery, I very casually (and very dumbly) implied that Bea Nettles and Joel Meyerowitz were the only photographers from the exhibition who are still active and reasonably visible 25 years later, based on the limited online research I had done. Michael Martone sent me an email to politely assert that he is very active himself, and has been working continuously since 1956...in fact, he's contributed work to the New Yorker recently, among many other notable things he's been doing photographically.  Martone also informed me that he is currently represented by Agathe Gaillard Gallery in France and the Ricco Maresca Gallery in New York.

I've made a correction to the original post, and thanks Michael for the note...great to hear that the good ones are still active and doing good work.

* From the Large Format Photography Forum, I picked up a link to a very cool National Geographic video on making tintypes, using a real world example of a portrait done in real time.  I always enjoy watching photographers work with alternative processes (and with their equipment in general when they're enjoying themselves), and this video is fun to watch.

* Continuing on the alternative process front, the work of Beniamino Terraneo consists of moody and heavily toned landscapes and abstracts...my favorite portfolio is the moodiest, Eyes of Remniscence.


Beniamino Terraneo image, from Eyes of Remniscence portfolio

* Smith Eliot uses photographs, mixed media, and installations to explore a number of themes around self and spirituality.  Her work with collaged negatives and photography and acrylic lifts can be quite striking (I generally prefer the subtly toned monochrome work to the louder and more heavily manipulated color work).  "Familiars" and "Fragments" are the two galleries I enjoyed viewing the most, though some of her other mixed media work is enjoyable browsing as well.


"Wallflowers" Smith Eliot image

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