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June 19, 2004

Enjoying the Latest Online Magazine (and PJ) Links

Mostly linking to other updated sites before the weekend:

* A new issue of Blue Eyes magazine (which I plugged last month for some wonderful photojournalism from Haiti) is now online. What I like about Blue Eyes relative to other online outlets for PJ work is that the photography is presented with more size, more coherence, and just a bit more sparkle, which gives the serious subject matter more weight and presence. This month, I like Carolyn Drake's photoessay on the Lubavitch -- I've seen other photoessays on this subject done in black and white, which is a natural for the men in black hats, dark suits and beards, but the use of bright, saturated color is refreshing, and the compositions and general storytelling are excellent.

* Another web-based PJ magazine comes from Poland, Photodocument.pl (link courtesy of Phototalk), with a focus on central and Eastern European documentary photography (all in black and white). The presentation is simple and the images modestly sized (making it more typical of the photojournalism showcased on the Web), but the gritty spare, and slightly skewed sensibility of the best photography on the site makes it worth looking through (though it looks like it hasn't been updated in a while). The most interesting work on the site, Ex Oriente Lux, is the biggest:

"Ex Oriente Lux is an extensive documentary project about Poland-Belarus-Lithuania border area in the wake of coming socio-political changes connected with EU expansion that started on the 1st of Jan 2002, and it will continue for 365 days. With more than 10 photographers taking part in an organised project like this, we are aiming at probably the biggest documentary photography event in Poland's history".


Tykocin image, from Ex Oriente Lux series

* Untitled Magazine is yet another web based, Flash based documentary zine, with a very straightforward format -- two portfolios each issue, one in B&W, one in color. The B&W work tends to be "straighter" documentary work anchored to more explicit events/themes, while the color work is a bit artsier and more abstract. Mike Slack's Polaroids are featured in the latest issue (#16) on the site, and a photographer with a very similar sensibility, Jason Fulford, has a color showcase worth checking out in issue 15. (Many more images can be found at Fulford's website, starting here).


Jason Fulford image

* Finally, the latest online magazine to be updated (and probably the most interesting, with a broader scope of fine art photography, not just PJ), is ak47.tv. Just about every portfolio is outstanding this month, with my favorite being Wolfgang Mueller's Karat, featuring amazingly vivid, artful and depressing captures of street kids in St. Petersurg.


Wolfgang Mueller image, from Karat series

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donĀ“t want to be a pettifogger, but reg. photodocuments.pl: one story is not b/w:

-Luke Wolagiewicz - "Metalmag" (COL)


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