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April 10, 2004

Playing With Fabrics, Digital Light and Shadowy Focus

As the weekend approaches, a few random and worthwhile finds that gripped me:

Susan Moldenhauer is a Wyoming based photographer and gallery owner who uses fabrics to "reconsider the genre of landscape photography", according to her bio. With a subject as overphotographed as the national landmarks of the Western U.S., it takes quite an imagination to make such a reconsideration resonate. I'd say she's largely succeeded on the basis of the small portfolio she has online.


Susan Moldenhauer Image

Elaine Bean got her start in the mid-70s as a stills photographer for filmmaker John Waters (yes, that John Waters), and eventually went off to work on her own photography, which she has continued to cultivate to the present day, where she now owns the Phototroph gallery in Colorado. Her latest work involves (as best as I can tell) digitally painting with light on scans of film negatives and printing digitally (though exactly how she does her work is unclear from her bio)...technique be damned, I'm impressed with how organic and atmospheric her results are.


Elaine Bean Image

Robert Stivers is a photographer who works with themes of transcendence, spirituality and anxiety, which makes him one of probably several thousand photographers mining such themes. He stands out, however, in producing shadowy, eerie, disquieting images -- using himself, other models, animals, and employing both color and black and white -- that suck the viewer in as he grapples with his demons. Stivers has two books out, an excellent personal web page, and a fine selection of his work (at larger viewing sizes) can be seen here.


Woman with Crossed Arms, Robert Stivers Image

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to my eye, she appears as a tormented being tiredly trying to think her way out of a black hole...

Posted by: Melissa at Apr 11, 2004 3:22:34 AM

Wow, I love these works, especially Susan Moldenhauer's, they are inspirational - thank you for showing them. Also want you to know I enjoy your blog, recently discovered by this newbie artist-blogger. Your writing is thoughtful and I like and agree with what you said about your blog:" if there were half as many photography and art forums with lively discussions as there were, say, online sports discussion forums, I might not have even bothered with this site, as I would have had an outlet for my passions with other well-established communities."

Posted by: Marja-Leena at Apr 13, 2004 9:00:18 PM