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April 28, 2004

Kudos to A Very Stylish Designer, and Sleater-Kinney

A while back I had the site redesigned, but in the swirl of activity around the time of the redesign, I never gave adequate credit to Colleen, who is responsible for all the good things about the way the site looks now, and is just a terrific designer overall. She has her own fabulous looking blog, Une Very Stylish Fille, which has a list of her growing client base. (As for the bad things about the look of this site, blame them on me, as I forced Colleen to stick with a few of my annoying idiosyncrasies, like small text size and massive posts).

So thanks Colleen! And here are a few photos of the band Sleater-Kinney, a group we both love, that I finally got to see in concert the other day. Fantastic concert. For the photo geeks, the concert was a photographer's nightmare (at least, if you didn't have credentials)...I was quite a ways from the stage, and had to photograph through a sea of hands against changing (and very dim) colored lights, shooting wide open with 800 color film pushed to 1600. The result was mostly blurs against pitch black backgrounds, but some of the shots turned out better than I thought. (I've gotten decent results at other concerts with what I had, but I was generally much closer to the stage in the past)

I wanted to watch the show first and foremost, plus I was scared of having conspicuous camera equipment confiscated...as it was, I was questioned about the small bag I brought in, and told I'd get thrown out if I started taking pictures. But because the band is very cool and laid back with their fans, quite comically, the start of the concert was a sea of flashes coming from pocket sized digital cameras, with nary a bouncer in sight. Perhaps next time I'll bring a big flash unit with a bracket and see what happens. :-)


Corin Tucker soloing


Carrie Brownstein soloing


Sleater-Kinney Group Shot

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Awh! Those photos are great! It's so hard to take good pictures at shows but those are awesome. Maybe if S-K would come to Chicago, I'd get to see them, too!

Posted by: Colleen at Apr 29, 2004 11:53:14 AM