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March 21, 2004

More from the PDN 30, and Zed Nelson

I mentioned in a recent post that PDN's latest newstand issue features the PDN 30, an annual list of emerging photographers: the PDN website has just been updated to provide access to small portfolios for these photographers, which is a good thing since many of them have limited personal websites (if any at all).

Apart from the folks I mentioned last time, I was happy to see some work from Alessandra Petlin, who seems to have a special skill for custom color printing (which shows much better in print than on the web), and I also like Matthew Porter's interesting environmental shots. Christian Patterson is an Eggleston protege (he's actually living in Memphis and working with the Eggleston trust), and has his own substantial website. There are many more interesting photographers...check them out.


Alessandra Petlin image


Matthew Porter image

On a separate note, London based photographer Zed Nelson has a sharp and biting eye in his photojournalistic essays -- I'd call it photojournalism with an alligator grin. His photo essays span a wide range of topics...everything from gun culture in the US to nose jobs in Iran. I found his "Porn Safari" essay particularly entertaining (it's buried in the "Other Stories" section)...these images could be film stills from the early part of Boogie Nights, very funny and larger than life. (thanks to notes from somewhere bizarre for the reference)


Zed Nelson image, from Leisure World series

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This probably says more about me than Alessandra Petlin, but I find that image really disturbing.

Jeff Brouws recently had a show at Robert Mann here in NYC that features the same little houses that Matthew Porter shot here. Very similar in style, too.

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