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January 10, 2004

Working for the Weekend

Lisa, my friend and former co-worker who inspired me to create this blog, just had her second baby, Joe Xavier Williams, born 9:42am on Thursday, January 8th. Though I thought I was being mildly prolific in getting this blog started, no one can match Lisa for quality output and sheer resourcefulness...she got blog posts and pictures up within 24 hours while in her hospital bed.

My colleague Martin Crespo also indicated to me in a recent message that he is expecting a son in addition to his daughter in March, and he even included an ultrasound image. Pictures of new babies and babies to be born, all posted immediately... ain't digital technology grand?

The weekend is here, but I'll be busy...still working on two personal albums and one for a client, as well as photographing a birthday party this Saturday. I'm trying to motivate myself to do some different things photographically speaking, rather than sit around the next few months and mope about how cold the winter is (-7 degrees F tonight). Quite a few people seem to be using blogs for all sorts of edifying experiments...the most common thing I've seen is the "picture a day" concept, or photoblog, such as this one.

A good resource for photoblogs is photoblogs.org ...variable quality given all the quantity, but fun stuff to browse around, and there *is* quality and creativity in abundance (plus it's an easy, quick visit for many people to these types of sites). I've already come across a 22 year old with six cameras and a wide range of work (makes me really feel like a slacker), including some nice Holga color work (hope you approve, Andrew!)

I don't work so well on the "once a day" thing...my goal is putting together some series and even photo essays over the next few months, though I hope I can be prolific in spurts. My broad theme for what I'm working on now is "Blue"...though I'll have to get a lot more specific than that in terms of theme, 'cause there are already a lot of people doing blue, including this talented street photographer (whose photoblog seems to be one of the more well-known ones).

Anyway, here's a sneak peek, with more to come next week:



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