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January 11, 2004

More Portraits, More Randomness

Added a few images to my humble Portraits album, and generally I'm figuring out options to make it more presentable. As much as I love TypePad, though, the photo gallery configuration options still tend to be a bit frustrating and limited so far.

I promised a short blurb on what makes photography courses worthwhile yesterday, but my mention of photoblogs yesterday got me thinking more broadly about how people share their images, and what the options are. I will talk about that when I have more time, which I'm believing will be Sunday or Monday now.

My thinking regarding people's sharing of images was stimulated further by a couple of links I got yesterday via DPReview: one to a very good, tight online portfolio focused on concert photography and portraits, and a long and enjoyable thread regarding people's favorite photographers online (not necessarily famous folks, just inspiring peers).

Of course, I've placed some of my own faves on the sidebar here, but there are so many worthwhile and talented photographers, amateur, semi-pro and pro, to check out on the Web... the above thread is a fun thread to go through to find more interesting people and compare your faves against others. It's a discussion and search that could go on forever (and it probably will) as the reach and range of the Internet grows to current and future generations, and more photography goes digital.

Final random note before calling it a day...before starting this blog, I had to recover from a brutal hard drive crash which claimed many digital files as casualties, and of course, not all of them were backed up. (Trite but true lesson: back up, back up, back up) As I sorted through a few files tonight, serendipity called in the form of a few images I rescued that looked better now than when I first took them. They still probably look pretty bad to everyone else, but hey, I'm feeling particularly random these days. Be polite and let's call it a journey.


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