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February 13, 2004

A Quick Note From AIPAD

My computer problems are far from over, but I thought I would just post quick first impressions from my initial whirlwind tour of the Photography Show at AIPAD (Association of International Photography Art Dealers), being held at the New York Hilton this weekend.

The show is indeed a cornucopia of excellent photography, and it was a bit much for me to absorb all at once, especially since I had a tiring trip here. I went through two floors of artwork hung on the walls from various galleries quickly...I will probably look more closely at some tomorrow, and also ask the people at the booth to walk me through some of the stuff they have laying on tables.

There's a lot of great, great photography to view, and the nice thing about a show like this is the collection from multiple galleries in one place, and the opportunity to view artists' work large (and even larger). The show so far seems a bit more conservative than I had expected, even though most of the galleries have at least one contemporary photographer featured as well as the big recognizable names. Lots of black and white, lots of platinum prints, and the most expensive stuff definitely seems to be the vintage prints from folks like Alfred Eisenstaedt (vintage print of Marlene Dietrich $150K!) and Helen Levitt.

One photographer whose work really benefited from being blown up was Desiree Dolron, who had massive 50x60 slide prints employing some special color process being shown by Michael Hoppen Gallery. Dolron has been receiving some well-deserved buzz online for the last six months or so because of her fine online galleries, but I'd have to say that her real world prints were the early standout of the show for me.


Desiree Dolron photographs, from the series Te Di Todos Mi Suenos

Additionally, I tried doing some research on AIPAD online, but didn't get very far...but while doing so, I did come across the aerial photographs of Owen Kanzler, whose work was exhibited at AIPAD a couple of years ago. Really, really nice stuff, and definitely worth checking out.

More impressions in the next day or so...

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